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I have written a new book - MY HEART WAS FREE - set in 18th century Bristol in England. It touches on the slave trade and tells the story of a white woman who falls in love with her black servant. I was inspired to write it after visiting Wesley's chapel in Bristol in 2014 and reading his pamphlet against slavery. I also visited Kenwood House at Hampstead Heath where there is a remarkable portrait of two girls, one black one white, which was commissioned by Lord Mansfield, Lord Chief Justice between 1770 and 1780, whose name is linked with the abolition of slavery.

This book has not been published yet but watch out for it before the end of the year or early next year.

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I hope you will keep returning to my website so that I can get to know you. If you are au fait with the internet then it will be a simple matter for you to keep in touch with me. Please let me know about you and your reading habits.

History of project

I have been intending to set up a personal webpage for some time now but it has always seemed too daunting. Now that I have written three books it is time I got down to the job of keeping my readers informed. It has taken a wet day on a winter's afternoon at Clarks Beach to make me knuckle down to the task. I always spend my mornings writing and try to manage 1000 words per day, although do not always achieve it.