29/05/2015 12:10

This photo was taken at my book launch for First Names Only on May 23. It was a most enjoyable occasion and was attended by about 60 people, family, friends and readers of my books - although we had one of the wettest Saturdays in weeks. My Aunty Edna, 93, and another lady, 94 made the journey to Clarks Beach and also my friend, Pauline Stansfield who is wheelchair bound, was brought in a hired van by her brother and his wife. Some old Training College pals drove all the way from Whangarei to be there My cousin Michael Padfield hosted the event brilliantly and my proof reader, Ansie Downs, made an amusing speech where she mentioned my foibles as a writer, such as forgetting the names of minor characters many chapters later in the book. (Thank goodness for an astute proof reader.) The caterers turned on a tasty lunch and there was plenty for everyone. I am so grateful for all those who took part and made this a truly memorable occasion.